Decentralized Liquid Staking on Solana

DAOPool is a community-run staking pool on Solana. Stake SOL to help secure the network, earn rewards and receive daoSOL for use across Solana's DeFi ecosystem.

Balance: 0.0000 SOL
You will receive:
0 daoSOL
Exchange rate:
1 SOL ≈ 0.00000 daoSOL
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Liquidity Providers

Provide liquidity, swap daoSOL and more on Solana's most popular DeFi platforms:

Sunny Aggregator

Cross-chain Liquidity powered by Mayan

Quickly bring assets from Ethereum and other EVM blockchains to Solana. Learn More

Validator Operators

Contact us to add your validator to DAOPool. A portion of the pool's staked SOL will be delegated to your validator.

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